Large Area Rotary Mower
Jake's Take
Superb Power to Weight Ratio

Cut roughs, surrounds, and around obstacles effortlessly in all conditions with the powerful HR600. A narrow transport width makes every area of the golf course accessible with zero maintenance decks and unrivaled operator comfort keeping you on cut and on course until the work is done.

Technical Specs

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    Key Attributes
    Decks and Cutting Units
    Traction, Brakes and Speed
    Weight and Dimensions
Key Attributes
Decks and Cutting Units
Traction, Brakes and Speed
Weight and Dimensions
Mower Cutting Width137" (3.5 m)
Mower Height of Cut1 - 4.75" (25 - 121 mm) in 0.25" (6.4 mm) increments
Mower EngineKubota 65.2 HP (48.6 kW) Turbo Diesel
Cutting Capacity13.8 acres/hr at 10 mph (5.6 ha/hr at 16 kph)
Transport Speed15.5 mph (25 kph)
Fuel/Battery Capacity (+Run Time)20.4 gal. (77.1 L)
Mower Warranty2 Years
Number and Size1 x 60" (1.52 m) front deck; 2 x 44" (1.12 m) wing units
Blade MaterialMARBAIN® boron alloy steel
Deck Lift/LowerIndividual via fingertip operated joysticks
Weight TransferOn demand electrically operated hydraulic weight transfer system
Deck Construction11 gauge (3 mm) Strenx, high strength steel shell
Traction DriveHydrostatic closed loop parallel-cross-series SureTrac™ system
Deck DriveSeven individual hydraulic motors with self lubricating integral bearings
Hydraulic System13.3 gal. (50.2 L) reservoir with 10 micron remote charge filters and suction screening at tank. Oil cooler in side by side radiator.
Service BrakesDynamic through hydrostatic traction system
Parking BrakesAutomatic wet parking brakes integrated into wheel motors
SteeringPower Steering
Mowing Speed10 mph (16.4 kph)
Reverse Speed 4 mph (6.4 kph)
TiresFront Tires: 26 x 12-12 tubeless 8 ply. Rear Tyres :20 x 10-8 tubeless 6 ply
Weight3900 lbs. (1769 kg), 4356 lbs. (1976 kg) with cab
Length143" (3.62 m) front deck down
Height (Rops Up)83" (2.1 m)
Wheel Base64" (1.65 m)
Transport Width65" (1.67 m)
Working Width143" (3.63 m)
Fluid CapacitiesCoolant Sytem and Capacity: Side-by-side radiator/hydraulic oil cooler; pressurized; 2 gal. (7.6 L) capacity, 8.5 fins per inch
Specifications, while correct at time of publishing, may change without notice. Available in ultra low sulfur diesel countries only. Cab optional.