Safety Information

Jacobsen® endorses and encourages the safe use of all vehicles. Be aware of natural hazards you may encounter and allow yourself plenty of room to safely stop under all conditions. Make sure to always maintain your equipment and do not use Jacobsen vehicles on slopes greater than 13 degrees. All specifications, competitive specifications, claims, and information contained below are based on current knowledge and readily available printed material. All materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.  Your safety is in your hands, so take care. See your dealer or your operator manual  for more details.

General Safety 

  • Read the Operator’s Manual and other training material carefully. Know the operator controls and correct operation of the equipment.
  • The operator or owner is responsible for any accidents or hazards that occur. Make sure to never use a mower near bystanders, and never carry passengers.
  • Never allow anyone to operate or service the mower without correct instructions and never drive while tired, sick, or under the influence.  


ROPS (ROll Over Protection Structure) 

  • The ROPS is a safety device. Keep the ROPS in the vertical and locked position. Always use the seatbelt when you operate the mower and make sure that it can be released quickly in an emergency.
  • Inspect the ROPS for damage and never use a damaged ROPS.  Do not try and correct a damaged ROPS.
  • Always keep the hardware fastened. 



  • Be careful when you load or unload your mower on a trailer. Trailers must be wider than the mower and carry the weight of the mower.
  • Use a full-width ramp to load or unload the mower on a trailer.
  • Use straps, chains, cables, or ropes to fasten the mower to the trailer. Both front and rear straps must be sent down and towards the sides of the trailer and always make sure that all latches are correctly fastened. 


please Contact your local dealer or operator manual if you have any questions about safe operating procedures.